Interactive projection game concept

Tap on image banner to open viewer.
Move finger/mouse to look around.
To close, tap anywhere.

It might be reasonable to say that before 2020, the Earth’s population has not been universally affected by a singular event for a long while. The dreaded, feared, frustrating, and divisive COVID-19 virus. With mask protests, pressured desires to return to everyday life, and the elusive nature of the virus; it seems like the world is under a blanket of confusion and paranoia.

Interestingly, with confusion and paranoia, hope usually follows. I focus on the positive connections and cultural togetherness that COVID is promoting in that light. Interactivity has been harnessed into a digital world, avoiding human contact. Following that, the digital projection of games promotes the same ideas of distanced togetherness.

Combining digital interactivity and fun on a physical space lets people enjoy interfacing with each other, in person. This loophole chooses to enjoy the assistance of technology, in opposition to being restricted by it.

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